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The Life Stone of Singing Bird

From The New York Times Book Review:


“…What unfolds from this mysterious convergence is a complex exploration of generational and cross-cultural connections. And at the center of it all is the life stone, which ‘pulls in everything, everywhere, every ecstasy, every torment, and offers up each to its wearer…in colors too vivid, too exquisite to be either ignored or endured.’ By turns horrifying and beautiful, The Life Stone of Singing Bird amply partakes of that vividness, intertwining love and violence in its own distinctively magical brand of magic realism.”


--- Catherine Park




From Booklist:


“The funeral procession of India Walker is a solemn affair, attended not only by family and friends but also by a trickster spirit, a guardian angel, and India herself. Thus begins a small gem of a book that celebrates life in all its joy, pain, and messiness… Singing Bird haunts Iris, India, and Boy Found—as a mockingbird, as a vulture, or as an ugly old woman—throughout their lives, watching, mocking, setting impossible events into motion. Stevenson’s homespun magical realism is at once bracing and enchanting.”


--- June Vigor






Loss, love and the mixing of cultures are just some of the concerns of this rich and satisfying novel.




From Santa Barbara Review:


Masterfully written in a poetic style that calls to mind the genius of Garcia Marquez, Melody Stevenson’s novel takes us on a symphony of life, complete with ballads, fugues, reveries, toccatas, interludes, crescendos….A powerful novel of life, love, and spirit.




From Christian Science Monitor:


Stevenson incorporates elements of magic, dream, and fantasy in a story as murkily bitter as a medicinal brew of herbs and wild roots.




From Cimarron:


      …the author throws linear time out the window, abandons consistent rules of point of view and subverts boundaries of character, action, and place to tell a story of the savage power of love….This multi-generational, multi-racial story moves the reader much in the way a bird moves in a tree, here, there, soaring now and then for a completely new perspective…the rhetorical device finally works to elevate these raw and violent lives to a lyrical plain of grace and beauty.




From Book Jacket


The Life Stone of Singing Bird is magical, compelling, exhilarating. Stevenson's narrative sleight of hand perverts and manipulates time and event in the grand tradition of Garcia Marquez, and the results are captivating; you won't forget this book.


-- Jack Lopez