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A Bug Collection

A Bug Collection is not for the squeamish. These stories about love, death, and the webby, tenuous intersections between the two take a humorous and heartbreaking look at the complexities of human life through the compound eyes of bugs. When a lone mayfly has a painful revelation about the ephemerality of her own existence, it sets in motion a chain of revelations by more bugs—beetles, katydids, earthworms, ants, and a host of other critters who force us to consider what it means to be fully alive in a world of dung.

The Life Stone of Singing Bird

The boundaries between love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, and cooperation and competition among Native Americans and white settlers are explored in this stunning novel, set against the unforgiving wilderness of frontier Kansas in the mid-nineteenth century.


Iris, India, and Singing Bird. Theirs is an uneasy alliance--a makeshift trinity of mother, daughter, and ambiguously holy spirit--that together forges a family of necessity. The fates of these women and their loved ones are inextricably linked by the powerful magic of the talisman known as the Life Stone.


Author's Comment: When my former mother-in-law began her slow slide into Alzheimer's, we all hoped it might be an easy descent – from knowing to not knowing and then (ideally) into sweet oblivion. The heartbreaking reality, however, was that her moments of "sweet oblivion" were few and far between and that, more often, she was teetering between panicked bewilderment and the terrifying realization that everything she knew and loved was slipping away. Because I could not be with her as much as I would have liked, I did the only thing I could to alleviate that awful feeling of powerlessness as well as to honor her memory: I wrote. "Fertilizer" is purely fictional; it is not factually true on any level. But my hope is that it might resonate with moments of emotional truth for anyone who has accompanied a loved one on that difficult journey. This story is for you.